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BYOB Wine & Dine Menu ~ Wednesday, April 27 at 6 : 30 pm




West Coast Cabernet Franc & Merlot

$50 includes meal, tax & tip ~ please bring your own bottle of theme wine.

Reservations required (see menu below) 


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Guest Chef:

Hether Briggs

of Mobile.Global.Cuisine













Matt Dees

of Jonata Wines 





Wel come!

We invite you to enjoy an evening of outstanding food and wine tasting and sharing,  in a highly social and energizing atmosphere.  Getting a small taste of many wines side-by-side like this is such a unique and fun experience, n ot to mention a great mingling activity! Bring in your curiosities and your passion, and  get to know people who share your enthusiasm!  Meet Santa Barbara’s seasoned wine makers and talented private chefs.  They will entertain you with their professional knowledge on the theme wine,  food pairing and wisdom of their life.   


– Leslie Thomas, Wine Consumption Specialist




Wine Speaker:

Matt Dees  of  Jonata Wines

Armed with a degree in soil science, & stints at Staglin in Napa & Craggy Range in New Zealand, Matt has an intrinsic feel for wine, from dirt to glass.  Curious, earthy, & experimental by nature, Matt's approach to winemaking is grounded in the vineyard (pun intended) first & foremost -- attuned to the vines, the weather, & the soil, Matt seems to almost be a part of the vineyard itself. 


Not being bound by the conventions of the enological world of academia (no degree in winemaking here) has allowed Matt to come to an untethered philosophy of wines.  Where Jonata is concerned, this is an important point -- Jonata is an unconventional place that requires an unconventional, open mind to bring it to life.  Matt is a winemaker who's emotionally & intellectually connected to structure, texture, & tannin, & who explores these elements deeply in his wines.


Jonata in Ballard Canyon is 600 acres of gorgeous, golden hills, 80 of which were meticulously selected based on their unique micro-climates & soil profiles, then divided into more than 50 blocks & sub-blocks -- each matched with different rootstocks, clones, & planting densities -- to provide winemaker Matt Dees with the broadest palette from which to blend the distinctive wines of Jonata.



Guest Chef:

Hether Briggs Beale of Mobile.Global.Cuisine
Hether Briggs’ earliest & fondest memories are in the kitchen next to her grandmother -- canning, pickling, jamming, juicing & cooking the plethora of fruits & vegetables coming out of the garden, then being called out to help pluck, feather & butcher the local game she & her grandfather would bring home from the hills of Mount Shasta. What they did not grow they traded for, like eggs from Mrs. Kitchen, their neighbor, or purchased at the local market. 

Fast forwarding to adult life..... while working on her business career, Hether always maintained a close relationship with local wineries & restaurants, where she got her start as a server & sous chef, as well as planned events & worked the tasting bar at several wineries. After graduating from UCSB, with a degree in English Literature, Hether attended culinary school in San Francisco for what she calls, "a hot second," deciding to move back to the paradise that is Santa Barbara & work as an editor & international conference coordinator. After traveling in Asia & Europe, the longing to cook professionally was immense. 

In 2010 the chance to do what she loved arose & the concept of E A T  T H I S ! was born while enjoying delicious food & good wines with great friends. Hether looks forward to combining her cooking roots & culinary adventures into fabulous dishes, creating an experience you will never forget! Enjoy, & E A T  T H I S !  (805) 735-8777





First Course

Assorted Gourmet Cheeses



Second Course

Tuscan Pomodoro Lasagna "Savory Cupcake" * (SF) 



Third Course

Roaste Coq au Vin with Farmer's Market Vegetables 

 over Pappardelle Pasta (SF)

(Portobello mushroom vegetarian option)



Fourth Course

Chocolate Merlot Cupcake with Mascarpone Frosting   * (SF)






* Vegetarian (No meat, poultry or fish)

** Vegan (No animal products at all - no meats, dairy or eggs)

*** Raw (Vegan and prepared below 107º F)

GF = Gluten Free / SF = Soy Free / EF = Egg Free / DF = Dairy Free




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